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The Blog Has Moved December 9, 2006

Posted by fiddledeedee in Snippets.
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I love my blog. It has saved me thousands of dollars in therapy. And it’s been free. And while I always say, “free is good”, having my own domain name will be better. I tend to go kicking and screaming resist change in most everything. I wear the same clothes until they are hopelessly out of fashion. I go to the same grocery store, at the same time every week. And follow the same pattern of aisles to conclusion. I eat turkey bacon every single morning. In almost every facet of my life, I’m predictable. Except for my emotions. But I digress.

While I obsess over adore my blog, just the way it is, I have been convinced by my computer guru and husband (same guy) that using wordpress, but with my own domain name, will enhance my blogging experience. He knows just how to word it to make change appealing to me. I’ll have a lot more flexibility within the content, and can change give it a little makeover. And so, in the coming days, I’ll be sprucing it up a bit, you know, for the holidays and all. Because I have so much free time in my hands. So, bear with me because it’s a work in progress.

If you have me bookmarked, blogrolled, linked to, or you stumble upon me by accident now and then, please change your link to:



I’ll have a “forward” on this site for just a little while.